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Why Deadbolts Are A Good Option For Homeowners

Everybody wants to feel protected in their own house. Deadbolts have become a popular option for property owners all over the world because of their strong protective features. In fact, these have proven to be even better for external doors than your standard lock – ask any expert and they will recommend that you consider these for yourself.

We believe the best way to demonstrate why deadbolts are a great choice for homeowners would be to highlight the security enhancements these provide. So, to get things going, here is a quick overview of how deadbolts will keep those intruders at bay.

How deadbolts work

Deadbolts are door locks that have especially designed to prevent forced entry attempts. In theory, they are quite similar to traditional locking mechanisms – but a closer look at their composition will prove this to be very different in practice. Indeed, deadbolts are moved by keys and knobs but, unlike your standard home lock, these are not operated by springs. That in itself makes them incredibly difficult to tamper with – an amateur lock-picker, or someone with a sharp object, will not be able to pry their way into one as easily as you would with other lock types.

As with all home security fixtures, deadbolts come in many variations. There are actually three different types you can choose from, each providing different levels of protection.

Single cylinder deadbolts are your basic option, with an outer lock that is activated by a key and a thumb knob that latches it from the inside. For your own safety, don’t install these on external doors that are next to windows – thieves could easily break the glass and open the deadbolt from the inside.

If you are looking for something more complex, double cylinder deadbolts are the way to go. These are locked by a key on both sides, making them much harder to pry into. While they are a great break-in deterrent, do keep in mind that these could make emergency evacuations more complicated.

Keyless cylinder deadbolts are the most recent option, and the easiest for homeowners to operate. As the name suggests, these are exclusively opened via electronic means – either through fingerprint scanning or by punching a special passcode. You can close these from the inside using a special knob or button.

The top benefits of having deadbolts installed in your residence

Along with being a fantastic theft deterrent device, here are some of the main features that have made deadbolts a strong security asset:

They are built to last. Especially if you choose to install a deadbolt made of steel. You can trust that these will take many years to show any signs of wear and tear, and they will not damage easily.

Deadbolts keep away petty thieves. Most burglars will not want to put in the effort of trying to break into a deadbolt. Rather, they are looking for a quick haul – break in, get in, grab whatever is handy, and get out. A standard lock would be easy enough to handle, but a deadbolt is not “fair game” in most intruders’ eyes.

Enhanced security. On that note, deadbolts cannot be tampered with using crowbars, knives, lock-picking tools, or sharp objects. So, if a burglar does take the initiative of trying their hand at breaking into your deadbolt, they will likely fail miserably.

Convenience is always a plus. Deadbolts are very easy to install and use – you just need to look at the different options around you, and ask a residential locksmith to install these for you.

Ensuring your deadbolts are always in the best working condition

As with any home security device, your deadbolts need to be fitted correctly. All deadbolts require a metal spike blade, that will go through a hole to keep it steadily in place. Additionally, you need to make sure that the lock is fully extended into the hole from the door jamb – otherwise, it will simply not work. Suffice to say, installing these calls for a bit of technical knowledge and expertise – which is why, in these situations, consulting with a locksmith is a must.

In fact, a reliable residential lock and key professional in your area will be your source for the best deadbolt options. Homeowners will be able to talk over some of the various features, and get full advice about which would suit their property and priorities best. Not only that, but locksmiths will ensure everything is installed and working properly – they can even repair or replace your deadbolts if they start showing any signs of unreliability.

If you never had to hire a locksmith company before, ask around for recommendations. Friends, family, neighbors or anyone you know and trust will be able to give you some leads. Alternatively, you can also do a Google search for businesses in your area – but if you do, make sure to double check the legitimacy of all addresses (some dishonest operations might list a random location to scam people out of their money), read up on as many reviews as possible (Angie’s List is a popular option) and look at whether any complaints have been filed against them through the Better Business Bureau. It’s always good to ask locksmiths to provide a list of client references in the area – any company that balks at this should be avoided.

The majority of locksmiths will provide their customers with free price quotes and consultations. We highly recommend you make use of this. Call them and inquire about license and insurance details, minimum callout charges, and all the deadbolt installation options they have in store. Talking to 2-3 locksmith businesses will get you the best value for money. Never pay full price upfront, avoid paying things by cash, and, wherever possible, try to be present on the day of the installations.

Mooresville, NC, homeowners are more than welcome to discuss some options with our licensed and insured experts. The Locksmith Mooresville team will make sure that all your questions are answered and that you feel confident about our abilities right from the outset.

No matter where you live, deadbolts are always a good idea. We hope this blog post will help you make the right security decision for your home, and with finding the right professional for the job.

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